So if you’re here, it means you’re curious to know a bit more strange, funny, weird, interesting, maybe boring or irrelevant, things about me.

At the time I began writing this, I didn’t realize thinking up a hundred things about me would be so time consuming. Turns out it actually was. Well I did it anyway because I want you to get to know me better but full disclosure, it’s quite lengthy, so read on if you dare. In no particular order, here it’s goes;

  1. I try to always be a devout Christian.
  2. I’m Catholic, was brought up catholic, I enjoy being catholic.
  3. I love my mum. She’s a really good person and I believe she has the kindest heart I’ve ever come across in a human being.
  4. I hold a BSc in Biochemistry but I currently make a living by enjoying the arts and crafts side of life.
  5. I attended two universities for my BSc degree.
  6. I can be shockingly introverted when I choose to, that’s not the real me.
  7. I literally eloped with my husband💍. Best adult decision I ever made, I’ll never encourage or support you to do that.
  8. I love music.❤
  9. I love food.😍
  10. I’m a TV addict.🙈
  11. I’m an Internet addict.🤗
  12. I’d probably be a professional dancer if I didn’t discover my love for cakes and all things related.
  13. I don’t like doing the dishes. I wouldn’t mind doing every other household chore though. 
  14. I’m a big goof 😋and I’ll probably be the grandma that sticks out her tongue and makes bunny ears in family photos.
  15. I’ve lost one pregnancy and three babies. It’s sucks, nobody should have to go through that in their lifetime.
  16. I hope to have a really successful African business someday and inspire other women the way some of the women👸 I admire so much inspire me🎖
  17. I’m a big optimist.
  18. I’d love to be fluent in French but I’ve been a basic French speaker for as long as I can remember.
  19. I’d love to go on Vacation to France someday.
  20. I used to be an occasional leisure reader. All that changed with Zee. I make more reading effort these days.
  21. I’m not great with financial organizing, thank God for Zee in my life.
  22. My creative bone gets the better of me sometimes and then I believe I can do a thing a thousand other different ways, each new way better than the last.
  23. I’d generally describe myself as an extroverted introvert, if there is such a thing, Zee on the other hand, being an introvert is his second full time job.
  24. I enjoy traveling and visiting new places.
  25. I’ve lived in three African countries.
  26. I don’t have a favourite dish. If it tastes yummy and looks good, i’ll eat it and probably keep eating it.
  27. I hate cold food. I prefer my food piping hot. Not warm, hot. Except salads of course
  28. I don’t like and I can’t eat cake hot, I think that’s gross and I just might puke.
  29. I love ice cream, cold water and chewing ice.
  30. I’m allergic to heat.
  31. I love fruit smoothies. I can get really carried away with my combinations.
  32. I have a God given full head of hair. You can read up on how I take care of my hair here.
  33. My younger sister is also one of my best friends. If I she wasn’t my sister, she’ll  still be one of my best friends. She’s a brilliant architect, I’m incredibly proud of her and everything she’s accomplished even before finishing the university. At her age, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. She’s also a great cook. #psst she’s single 🙂
  34. I discovered my love for caking in 2012 and that love has only gotten stronger ever since.
  35. Everything I’ve done so far as a cake artist is self-taught. Well that’s not entirely true. God gave me the ability to figure stuff out. I get so excited when I figure stuff out myself. It’s a bit deflating though, when I realize oh this person has done it this exact same way already. But then again, I take pride in the fact that divine inspiration and serendipity just happened.
  36. I’d love to attend one of Mike Mcareys classes someday.
  37. I’d love to be closely mentored by Buddy Valastro. My curiosity for cake decorating began after an episode of cake boss on TLC.
  38. I never went below the 5th grading position in class all through high school and by my Senior graduating year, was overall head girl of my school but that’s pretty irrelevant to adulthood except maybe to inspire the kids to do better in school.
  39. I love playing with kids. My energy level goes through the roof when I’m with a child and I promise I can out play even a sugar high toddler.
  40. I love exercising especially cardio and weights. I try to work out as often as I can.
  41. I love salads. I’d much order a plate of salad each time Zee and I eat out. Not because I have any intention to eat healthy but because I just love it.
  42. I have an incredible sweet tooth🍫🍰🍨. I could eat desserts all day but I don’t and that’s because I’ve had a reality check with my health.
  43. I strongly believe I can be or do anything I set my mind to. The problem always is setting my mind to it. Go figure!
  44. I don’t do alcohol or cigarettes.
  45. My favourite color is red but at one time, I was crazy about purple, now it’s back to being red.
  46. I’m a night person. When I’m not working late, not fiddling with my phone and even when I’m incredibly exhausted, I still toss and turn for hours before falling asleep. I think I have a sleeping disorder. Zee on the other hand sleeps in a heartbeat. Take that literally. He’s fast asleep as soon as his eyelids shut😩. I’m so jealous of that.
  47. I call my husband Zee. His real name is Osasu, but he grew up with the nickname Zazu, that stuck, I simply shortened it to Zee. We went from oh-sah-soo to sah-soo to zah-zoo to Zee, well, because you know, one syllable names are easier to pronounce than two three or four 🙂 Of course depending on my mood, goofy, happy, angry, grateful or super sexy he goes by other names.
  48. I’m the 5th child in my family, I have three brothers and two sisters. All six of us couldn’t be more different and we don’t always get along but we’re always there for each other, no matter what.
  49. I’m part Delta, part Edo, full Nigerian.
  50. I have five friends I’ve known since I was a child that I’m still super close with till now.
  51. I am very curious, mostly a little too curious for my own good. Thankfully, I’m not a cat!😹
  52. I eat a whole bulb of onion for snack sometimes, and afterwards, guess who suffers from my stinky breath 🙂 Zee!
  53. I can live in a room I’ve turned upside down and still know exactly where everything is. I turn our room and my work room upside down a lot.
  54. My birthday is on the 25th of June. An old friend once called it Christmas in June as a way to remember my birthday.
  55. If I were a man, I’ll probably be a catholic priest, prrrrrrroobaaaaably 😉
  56. Picking a favourite movie is just as difficult as picking a favourite dish. I watched way too much TV as a child. Old habits die hard.
  57. I can’t sleep with the lights completely off. I need some sort of night lamp or corridor light ray to fall asleep.
  58. I love major PDA. Zee is a bit shy and usually likes to stick to minor PDA. But sometimes he gets nutty and slaps my butt when he feels no one’s looking.
  59. I love to eat chicken.🍗 I won’t eat turkey. Goat meat isn’t my favourite🍖, I’m somewhat picky when it comes to meat, I’m not a vegetarian.
  60. I love to swim. I learned how to swim at age 20.
  61. I learned how to drive really well with Zees car in 2010.
  62. I’ve lived in 6 and have visited 15 of the 36 states in Nigeria and the FCT. I would love to visit all someday but I haven’t had a reason to yet.
  63. I think “edible worms” are yummy. I’ll eat them but only after I properly spice them and grill off almost all the fat in them.
  64. I don’t think I’m a writer but writing my diary is very therapeutic for me. It’s a great way to escape the things that bug me, even if it’s just for a while.
  65. I love wearing leggings or denim pants. Those two are my two favourite clothing items.
  66. I do have a pretty fashionable bone in my body but sometimes I totally ignore it and just bounce out of the house in my leggings, a top and a sneaker.
  67. Comfort and not style trend is my guide when picking out an outfit ensemble.
  68. I love heels but I have to consciously stay away from any heel above 4inch. Because of a terribly painful ankle fracture I had in high school, I now have a real phobia of twisting my ankles.
  69. I love singing. I’m not an exceptional singer.
  70. I love driving, I can drive cross country if I’m at optimum health. I have driven cross country several times in the past.
  71. Besides morning prayers, I don’t like routines/rituals. I learned how to plan better because of Zee. I still am very spontaneous sometimes. He doesn’t like that.
  72. I think I have a (slight) temper and a small impatient streak in me. I am VERY patient while getting crafty.
  73. I tried to learn how to play the guitar at one time. I gave up after a few weeks and finger calluses. I don’t intend to try again someday.
  74. I took piano lessons🎹 and learned how to read music🎼 as a child. I can’t read a single music note to save my life now. I can’t play the piano either.😩
  75. I joined the National Youth Service Corps band in camp because I thought they sounded really cool. I tried out for and ended up being one of the snare drum players for all our parades and you know what, I loved it! I was also in the band in high school. I guess i have a thing for marching bands.
  76. I laugh easily. I appreciate a good sense of humor.
  77. I believe in second and even third chances. Sometimes, that little encouragement can make a big difference in a person’s life.
  78. I don’t like odd numbers. I don’t know why, I just don’t.
  79. Animations are my favourite film genre. I know the word animation makes it sound grown up so ummm I love cartoons.😁
  80. I love a guy who can cook. Zee cooks well. That was one big pleasant surprise in my relationship.
  81. I don’t completely judge people by their actions because people change sometimes and that’s okay.
  82. Change scares me most times but I try to be brave about it because I know it can be a good thing.
  83. My idea of a perfect date is dinner and a movie or either of both. Zee’s thankful I’m easy to please.
  84. I like going to the movies. Zee doesn’t like unnecessary crowd.
  85. I love presents and pleasant surprises. Zee gives the best gifts.
  86. I always tried to “fit in” until I realized I’m the best version of me when I didn’t.
  87. I suffered from very low self-esteem for a very long time in my life.
  88. I like Karaoke. My voice isn’t the best I’ve heared😂
  89. I’m a pretty fast learner.
  90. Surfing fascinates me. I love the beach. I don’t know how to surf.
  91. I am clingy and almost a hoarder. I have a lot of old stuff I find hard to throw out. I’d rather figure out a way to recycle some part or all of it.
  92. My handbag always has at least a toothpick in it.
  93. Pizza or Shawarma? Pizza, I like cheese. And the variety of toppings I can choose from gets me all the time. I’ll eat the shawarma too BTW. Have I mentioned I love food?! 😍
  94. My first pet was a white rabbit. It ended up being a guinea pig in my high school’s chemistry lab. I didn’t have a choice.
  95. I’m a Dog person. I have a boerboel. Her name is Knight
  96. I’m a very light sleeper. No matter how late it is or how tired I am when I sleep, the tiniest bit of noise is enough to wake me up.
  97. You can easily catch me quoting a movie or singing a tune from a movie to complete my sentences.
  98. I hate being idle. It drives me mad.
  99. I’d love to star in a fun, quirky food based reality TV show someday.
  100. It took me three years to decide to get my diary online. I hope my stories positively affects you.

Okay so If you’ve made it all the way through to the end, congratulations, you’re amazing, and if there’s something about me you’d like to know that isn’t on my list, leave a comment below and i’ll respond as soon as possible. Oh and one more thing, I’d like to get to know you too. Please leave a little something about you in the comment box below.


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