Hey hey,

Today I post the first episode of my WOWIM series.

WOWIM is basically short for WorkWithMe.

It’s a video that could be a tutorial or one that just shows my work process on a cake or any other project I’m working on. It’s either in the format of a time lapse or regular speed video depending on how long my footage is, but either way I’m almost certain you’d learn a thing or two if you do take the time to watch.

Today’s video is time lapse and shows how I designed this beautiful hand painted purple, yellow and gold floral cake.


I spent a total of 15 combined hours décor time, and then some extra for flower making.

Like I always say, these things take time 😵, but this is even among the least time consuming in my repertoire.

Oh well, no be you send me message 😄, and heck, yeah, I enjoy the whole package.

Happy viewing.




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