Lately, I’ve been finding myself with only the DIY 😀 alternative.

Since petal dust is pretty much a basic necessity for any cake decorator, on the particular day this idea developed, I found myself needing some.

You know how they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”, yeah, well, that was true in my case.

Sometimes, almost all the time, I’m forced to think of alternatives to stuff I need at that moment in time. This wasn’t any different.

You know what’s funny, after all my experimenting to see if the idea worked, I ended up not using the dust. 😏

But I can honestly tell you, it did come in handy later on.

white lace wedding cake with dusted pink petal roses


Anyway, nothing ruined. I learned something new, got to use a different colour on another cake, at a different time.

I hope this post shows you something new or at least reminds you of stuff you already knew.

Happy viewing.

Ps; Who else gets forced to think outside the box sometimes.

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