sisiyemmie inspired cake

If you’re a  Sisiyemmie “stalker” like me😍, you’d definitely be subscribed to her youtube channel and you’ll know for sure that Sisiyemmie has a genuine relationship with plantain😃.

Honestly, it’s been less than a year I stumbled on Sisiyemmie’s website, but I can tell you ever since then i’ve just been in super admiration of her.

It seems I don’t want to get into how I made the cake and just talk about Sisiyemmie all through abi? Lmao😅 Can you blame me?

While I watched her latest “plantain episode” the other day, the baby hamster🐹 in my head just got up and started running on her little wheels again😄 .

Raw Plantain food cake 😉 😄

Raw Plantain 😉 😄 It’s all cake y’all

Now, if you’ve also stalked me here and here, you’ll know I love cakes that are, for lack of another descriptive word right now, creative.

No surprise, baby hamster Dee😆 stopped turning her wheels at “make a fried plantain (dodo) and fried egg cake”.

[quads id=2]

And since it’s a #creativecake, hey, we’ve got to try to make it as true to life as possible right?

I chose a sunny-side-up kinda fried egg for an exaggerated or umm, a more relatable effect.

*Whispers* I hate my yolks not fully cooked.

Sisisyemmie inspired fried egg and dodo cake image

This is a demonstration tutorial video. You can make this using your faourite vanilla pound cake recipe.

Do CLICK here, to watch how I made it and subscribe to my channel for more videos.

Get really adventurous, try the cake design because what’s better than a favourite food, is a favourite food cake😜.

Like THE SCRIPT says🎵  ….yeah, do it for your people, do it for your pride….🎵 ☺️

Ensure you tag me when you do, can’t wait to see it.

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