"Children are a gift from the Lord; They are a real blessing" -Ps 127:3



This 👆🏾 one bible quote, for the past 3 years has been my mantra whenever I feel “awkward” about not having a child yet.

Then somewhere in my heart I’m like erm, so does this mean I don’t deserve a “real” blessing?

The “runs girl” out last night and returned with her “sugar daddy’s” baby deserved the “real” blessing more than I do?

Next, I start crucifying myself like, well in the eyes of God you’ve done worse than that so no, you don’t deserve this “real” blessing.

You need to atone for all the crap in your wicked miserable past… just then the Holy Spirit whispers


''when the right time comes, i will make this happen quickly, I am the LORD'' -Is 60:22



That’s just a snippet of what goes on in my head regarding having kids sometimes. 😏

If you are or someone you love is going through something similar right now, know that NOTHING in the past is PUNISHING you.

You may just need a simple medical checkup or a change in diet, lifestyle or all three.

God’s Love for mankind is far greater than any grudge you think He holds against you.


"Neither the world above, nor the world below- there is NOTHING IN ALL CREATION That will ever be able to separate us From the love of God which is ours through Christ Jesus our Lord." -Rom 8:39




Above all, never ever ever get tired of praying. Honestly, that’s the easy part. 🤔

The real work is in you being patient. Believe me, I know.😏

Be patient with yourself, your body may just need time to heal mentally, spiritually, physically .

Be patient with God.


 "Trust in the lord. Have faith, do not despair. Trust in the Lord." Ps 27:14



So, you see, THE PAIN OF INFERTILITY is really more about FAITH AND TOTAL SURRENDER to the will of God😇.

At least from my perspective, it sure is.

If you’ve read most of my diary stories, you’ll know I’ve lost more than a child in my lifetime and I still haven’t put to bed YET.

But what you may not find there is that I’m incredibly happy🤗 and grateful to God Almighty🙏🏾.

Just being alive and having another opportunity daily to be a better Christian is in itself an incredible gift🙌🏾 🤗.

This is part one of why WE are creating and auctioning a life-sized Game of thrones, Iron throne cake.

As this is lengthy enough, I’ll save part two for the day of the auction. Hope to see you there.

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