I love a good sneaky surprise, and what better time to pull off surprises than celebratory periods.😍




I was flat out broke, but I was determined to do something awesome for Zee this year. So I got him this, this, this and this for his birthday present.

But seeing how I bought them in care of his name, he took the delivery and already had a daunting suspicion that the purchases were for him.

Well he pretty much told me he thought so.

I decided to let him have this one first and said “way to ruin the surprise”. 😏

I had not seen him so excited in a long while. He’d been looking everywhere for that particular one to buy but I didn’t know just how much he’d be happy to receive it.


heineken bottle crown cake


My friend who was present the day I got the package just shook her head and laughed at the “weirdness” of my choice of gifts stockpile.

What’s even weirder was how excited Zee was to receive them.🤣 . That did the trick and set my sneaky surprise back on track.

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December 25th, 12 am. I present the other three gifts in a gift bag.

It felt good when he realised I hadn’t pulled out my final card by surrendering the first gift item.🎉🎉 🎉

But it wasn’t Zee’s birthday yet!, and his birthday is just around the corner from christmas.

It was christmas, nobody had been to work in the last couple of days and nobody would yet, and I was all out of gift items.🤔

heineken bottle crown cake

So, how was I going to complete my full sneaky surprise plan?! You’d never believe the James Bond move I pulled off.😀

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Stick around for the rest of the story. Right now, enjoy the video of how I made this lovely heineken bottle crown cake.

This was just the first part of the Birthday surprise!😍

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