The next two weeks would be an introduction to laminated doughs and leavened doughs.

I had fully recovered by now, but I still have not adapted to my cold environment.

The adaptation is taking quite longer than I would like. 😌

Classes have become more intense but I’m still finding my feet. It took me one failure (by my standard) to get deep rooted. More on that later.

You see I’m always in competition, WITH MYSELF! 🙅🏾

Theory classes are also in full swing by now. We are taught a lot, oh my gosh, a whole lot 😦👩🏾‍🎓 about the nitty gritty stuff behind why the practical stuff works. The business economic classes make me feel like I’m in a business school sometimes 🤓

The week of understanding the basics of laminated dough was one I really enjoyed. I have never seen pastry so flaky and thanks to the dry butter also, the taste was really silky.

We made some delicious cream fillings also.


The week of the leavened dough brought about my first open conflict with one of the young adults in my class.

You see, I’m not just the oldest in class, there are some young adults on the far end of the young adult spectrum around me (you must be above 18 years to get in) and honestly, I think at first, we all suffered from culture shock.

Sometimes, it’s hard “hanging out” with them. Not because I don’t want to but because majority of the experiences they are having now and would love to have, I have had. Priorities shift with age and experiences and, it’s always hard to see young adults doing stuff you did but wish you didn’t, when there’s little to nothing you can do about it. This rarely is the case though.

I try sometimes, because, well I’m not that old 😜 and like it or not, they are a major part of my story for life now. I can’t help but love them because beauty lives in their hearts. They are, MY pastry gang! 💖

After a short class discussion and more time spent together with each other, I’m pleased to say that now, we get along more smoothly. Conflicts arise once a while, but we are getting more tolerant of each other and more understanding.  It’s the best alternative!💞

This week, we made so many familiar and not so familiar pastries, but what I love about school also, is a new perspective to doing things.



I’m always delighted to see a new way of doing old things and more often, their way is better, more refined, polished 😀

The next week ushered in my first test, my first and hopefully my last 😋  “failure”, and the absolute end to my cold feet.💆🏾


Caramelized millefeuille

Rum Baba

Round Marble millefeuille


Chocolate cake brioche

Brioche Head

Brioche tresses