The new week started with a schedule change. It had been over 4 weeks already, but by no means was my rocky and turbulent 🌩 start over. 🙄 We had to be in the lab latest by 5.45 am.

At the end of the last class of the previous week, our chef instructor, basically told us he would be in charge again the next week, did a brief summary of what to expect, class schedule and all. However, for no reason at all, I thought classes began at 6.30am which meant I arrived school by 6.15 am.🙆🏾

It gets even more odd. On that morning, I was up by 12 am and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I cleaned, ironed, ate, took a bath got dressed and sat down, pressing my phone till 6.05 am and then headed to school.

As I was getting to the entrance🚶🏾‍♀️, I saw my Chef and one of my classmates, heading to the pastry lab from the ingredients room already all kited up. In my head I was like “wait, what’s happening right now?” Something didn’t feel right!

I headed straight to the ladies locker room, changed into my uniform and safety shoes, grabbed my tool box and dashed right to the lab. 🏃🏾‍♀️

Everyone was already there, class was in full swing for at least 35 minutes. They do not waste time with work here!

As soon as the Chef saw me awkwardly rushing in with an awkward look on my face he goes “I’m sorry but I cannot allow you in, it’s well over 15 minutes you’re late”.

“But chef I thought 🤔 classes began at 6.30…” I try to argue my way in with the most awkward smile ever🙃. He replied firmly ” No, 6 am and I reminded everyone last week before we left.”

I swear to you, I somehow spaced out during that talk last week that I cannot till this day even remember the reminder🤦🏾‍♀️. village people o, they are trying to cross borders 🙆🏾😅

I just calmly said “okay chef, see you tomorrow☺️” and I left.

Later, a few of my classmates would say I should have pleaded with him to be allowed to stay. But, one, I have been in a similar position before and this time, I picked what I believe is the more respectable option. I chose to not escalate from super awkward to embarrassing or annoying.

Two, sleep dey catch me dieeee 😂. I had been up since 12 am and was so happy to head back home to sleep till my next class at 2 pm.🤣

The following day, I would find out he asked my lab partner for the week to make a sponge for me to use to build my fraisier the next day. He is far too kind and considerate. 😚


strawberry fraisier

The following few days, we made more incredible and delicious pastries🍰 🎂

Royal entremet dessertRoyal entremet dessert Opera cakeCHARLOTTE CAKE LADY FINGERS

Later at the end of the week, we would have our first pastry lab test. I still think that day for me was just plain awful😌.

We were to make three selected products from the list of all that had been taught in the last few weeks and present them within 6 hours. 😦

The first was taught before I arrived France, recall I had no choice but to arrive late or defer, I chose late. The second product was taught the Monday I had to go back home👆🏾, and the third, I was in class for but on test day, was so flustered and nervous about how I was going to create two products I wasn’t present to learn that I totally messed up the only one I was present for and learned.

My chef was kind enough to help every now and then during the test though but that didn’t stop him from grading me like he should on my finished products 😆, punctuality (you can already guess how I fared here😋), tidiness, material handling and all the other scoring systems used by my school to assess ones performance in the lab under pressure. 😏.

I scored a 72 out of a 100. Now, you may think I am being too hard on myself especially after reading all that occurred. But A, I was bottom score 😅, B, I was told by one of the older students you need at least a 70 to be considered a pass in lab🤷🏾‍♀️. And that’s cutting it way too close for me.

From the following weeks after, I would arrive school between 5.10 am – 5.15 am and by 5.20am I am always in front of the lab waiting for the doors to be open.  😁

Diana oviawe

I do not like being late, I do not like making excuses for being late, and also, even though I enjoyed my rest, it’s no fun being sent back home for being late. 😐

72% would be my least score in ALL subjects till date and by God’s grace till the end of my course.

I told myself this week is a lesson, I would work hard to earn the respect of my Chefs and more than that, make my husband, family and friends super proud of me. 🤗

So far, I’ve had over 5 tests since then and an aggregate of nothing less than 90% 👊🏾 🤓. I guess I am on the right track. 😎

Thus, with the end of that week came the end of my cold feet. My turbulent start was finally over. 🙂 🌈