Our Chef this week was has the most gorgeous blue eyes🤤 and  also really good at what he does (they really all are).

This week we focused on desserts, pfft 😝 , like we’ve not be making some that are classified as desserts already.😆

Some I really enjoyed making, and eating 😋, others not so much.

Some I’ve had experience with making before but like I always think, it’s good to set aside what you know and watch another process. Who knows, you might actually learn something new or realise your method wasn’t the best to work with after all.




There were a few moments during this week I was thrown off with what was happening. Honestly, I might have missed a few steps in the preparation of the souffle and the floating Island.

Thankfully, I have some experience with the latter. Later on, I would do a recap and find myself again for the former.

Sometimes, I just get lost in my head with memories of Zee😍 and what he’s wearing or eating or doing or a time in the past I would be bugging him in bed to go take a bath or get up to eat or times all he just wants to do is read one of his incredible amount of books and all I want to do is talk and talk and talk about a movie or my next project or how my hair is falling off 😄 😅 😆…see, I just got lost again😅

But notwithstanding, I cannot say I didn’t enjoy classes this week. The flambe of the suzettes gave us an extra fun lab time.

orange crepes suzetteWe had ice cream, and practiced shaping soft ice-cream. I had way too much ice-cream to eat that day🤗

Tropical fruit clafoutiSome desserts looked like summer😊rice puddingille floatant chocolate molten lava cakecreme bruleecheese cakesouffle

My least fave was the souffle. Maybe because it was still too hot for me when I tried it🤷🏾‍♀️. I love my desserts cold or at room temperature.

I’ll probably give it another shot to be very sure I don’t like it. And yes, this was my first time trying a souffle😋

The week after, my second most favourite chef was back with us. I always miss him when he’s on rotation with other classes, and you would not believe why☺️.

With him around, there’s food during break😅. He’s really nice and generous with snacks, we can have as much as we can eat 😃😁🙌🏾  The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach🤣😅

Altogether, it was a pretty easy-going week. Which was a huge relief for me, considering I had quite the bumpy start but, all’s well that ends well.

Gist with you again soon.💞