The other day one of my special clients contacted me for a cake for her second baby’s first birthday.

After going through several design ideas, we finally settled on one 🙌🏾

Then came the next set of customer worry, Dee would you be able to get it right, but I don’t like pink, it’s too girl child stereotypical, I’m thinking I want purple instead, but would it still look as beautiful in Purple?…

Well, I’m not always a superhero but sometimes, it’s fun to be wonder woman 💪🏾 after all am I not Diana? (pun intended)😋 😆

So, I assured her I would work “wonders”. To shorten the tale, i think her feedback  👇🏾summarizes the rest of the story

Well, alright alright alright 😊, moving on…..

Honestly, I didn’t initially plan this tutorial, but I have this habit of taking pictures while I work, (let’s just say I get a better perspective during the process that way) so after I was done, I realized I had just about enough pictures to put together a description of how I made the sugar puppy topper. Plus, the cake did come out pretty. But no surprise there 😉.

I’d already seen it pretty within. I just had to create the color combination in my mind’s eye so you could see it too. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and learn something from it.

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