On September 17th, 2017, we held an event tagged; A Cake For A Cause,THE IRON THRONE CAKE FOR A CAUSE.

In collaboration with Beibei haven foundation and aimed at raising money for couples facing challenges accompanied with having a baby.


My Cake journey has been one of constant evolving curiosity, adventure and discovery and the fact is, i’m only just beginning.

Generally, I’m not and have never been afraid to try out new ideas and see where the road goes.

But like one of my invited guests said “I pray the purpose of this event won’t be lost…” so, let’s FOCUS on why we did this.

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This could have been just another “tribute” to Game Of Thrones, or a fun project executed in my quiet work space area.

But, I believe you can and should use what little you have to at least try to make a difference in whatever little way you can.

Therefore, we made, A Cake For A Cause, The Iron Throne Cake For A Cause!

The Cause, In Support of couples  facing challenges relating to infertility, maternal mortality, pregnancy and baby loss…


Beibei Haven Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mandate to support women and couples through their fertility journey.

Focus is on providing support to couples dealing with Infertility, Pregnancy/baby loss, Genotype challenges etc.

This focus is achieved by providing free fertility treatment grants to low income earners, provide support, information and education, awareness and promote equal access to fertility treatments.


The cake was over 6ft tall, a mix of chocolate fruit cake and vanilla cake sandwiched with vanilla buttercream.

It was also layered with in built support boards and then covered and decorated with fondant.

See video below for part 1 of the making process.





Okay, now time for the real gist.

We got to the event venue around 1pm, and waited for the truck conveying the cake to arrive.

Truth be told, I was a bit frantic because I knew I still had quite a number of “finishing touches” to go.

Nonetheless, I focused on finding out where the cake was going to be placed and just generally liaising with our event coordinator, Ayeesha Abi-Akingboye of 3a event solutions.

Fastforward, 1.30pm ish, the moving truck driver just arrived, 👐🏾Ahhhleluia🎵.

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Ah! but I was in for the most incredible surprise I could ever have expected!

On cue, I walked to the truck and asked the driver to slide the door up slightly so I could peek and ensure everything was still fine…

I bursted out laughing hysterically.

😱 😨Sleepless nights, hospital visits, let’s not even mention the finances, labour of love, all squashed up in one hot mess.😢 😥

Kai, I couldn’t even cry, all I could do was laugh uncontrollably.

Thank God for my habit of “perspective shots”, I took an “Uncompleted Work In Progress” shot.


Who would believe we actually did create a Life Size Game of Thrones Iron Throne Cake for this Cause?

I just went back in, quietly pulled Ayeesha aside and walked back to the truck with her to show her the disaster…

Guys, If you ever need an event planner that can literally work miracles in the blink of an eye, Ayeesha is your go-to woman!😅

Okay so maybe not “miracles in the blink of an eye”😉 , but I tell you her “crisis management skills” literally blew my mind!🙌🏾

At the end of it all, it didn’t even feel like we lost the cake in the movement process.

The event was beautiful!🎉


Our very beautiful and incredibly professional hostess  Tope Olowoniyan anchored the event so effortlessly,

P4 string quartet razzle dazzled us with beautiful harmonies and the game of thrones theme song

And Syden SFX was on prime as usual with the snow special effects…

You know what, enough writing, i’ll just let the pictures do the rest of the talking…



People came, people ate, people drank, people had fun and most importantly, people GAVE!!!


First thing I learned from this experience is, it’s amazing to GIVE expecting nothing in return!!!

We made zero financial gain from the role we played towards this cause, but you know what, that’s okay.

I set out to give back in thanksgiving to God Almighty for sparing my Life.

More of my prayers have been answered faster than I ever imagined!

I’m never gonna stop giving from the very little I have.

For any worthwhile project, plan incredibly well, then plan for your plans to go up in flames.

The latter, I didn’t have on lockdown!


I’m tremendously grateful to everyone who came out and my family and friends.

The incredible ceos Liz Osho and Abi Akingboye of SoMe SOlutions and 3a auction house respectively and their team members.

The Founder of Beibei Haven Foundation, Tade Alalade and all the volunteers.

The hard working ladies who kept vigil with me and endured to the end this project.

God bless each and every one of you beyond your wildest imaginations.

Lastly but in no way the least, “Zee, words fail me! We incredibly love you 🌈❤️”.

“Dear GOD,  May my life speak volumes about the magnitude of gratitude in my heart!🙏🏾 to you”

PS:Don’t forget to leave me a comment or a question or send me an email, askbakerbabebee@deesdiarys.com. I’d love to hear from you. 😘